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The Messias Machine

This article is about the Messias himself, about the energy-machine with the gentle technique and about me. The translation is done by Mr. Baumgartner / Energy Unlimited magazine, USA.

The Synergy Model (The Messias Machine)

The most important article I've ever published - I try to explain the function of the Messias Machine, that uses different natural energies to give us electricity.


On the Role of the Translator in the Rendition of the Koran

This article should be connected with the Messiah Machine (or Messias-Machine)...


Dreams at Dusk

One of my best SF-Stories, first published published 1989 in German at Heyne Verlag, München, then translated by Furat al-Jamil and published in English in the Inter Nova Magazin for International Science Fiction by Michael K. Iwoleit. Its about a carcrash with an UFO...or not?



A new SF-Story about the Euro/African DESERTEC-Project... and some people who dont like it much. First published 2009 in the German Magazine ZENITH, then printed and republished in different other publications. At least translated by Michael K. Iwoleit for his Inter NOVA Magazin.


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